Ambasada Królestwa Niderlandów w Warszawie, Poland

What is the option procedure

Under the option procedure you declare that you wish to acquire or regain Dutch nationality. The application must be confirmed by the Dutch embassy or consulate-general.

Such applications may be submitted abroad only by certain former Dutch citizens or by the legal representative of a minor foreign child who:

  • was acknowledged by a male Dutch citizen between 1 April 2003 and 28 February 2009 and, at the time of acknowledgement, was younger than seven years of age; or
  • was acknowledged by a male Dutch citizen between 1 April 2003 and 28 February 2009 at the age of seven or older and is able to submit DNA evidence showing that the person who acknowledged him/her is the biological father; or
  • was acknowledged by a male Dutch citizen and was cared for and raised by that person for an uninterrupted period of three years immediately prior to the date of application.

If you wish to acquire Dutch nationality by option you must complete an application form at the Dutch embassy or consulate-general in your country of residence. You must go to the embassy or consulate-general in person and submit the original, legalised copy of your birth certificate and various other documents. You are advised to contact the embassy or consulate-general first to find out what documents you need. You will not be tested on your knowledge of Dutch.

If you satisfy the requirements, the ambassador or consul-general will issue a document confirming that you have acquired Dutch nationality. The document will be presented to you at a naturalisation ceremony. You will have Dutch nationality as of the date of that document.

If you acquire Dutch nationality by option, the Dutch government does not require you to give up your present nationality. However, you should find out whether you will be allowed to keep your present nationality. If you have dual nationality, you are subject to two legal systems. You should therefore find out what the implications are under the law of the country of your present nationality.