Ambasada Królestwa Niderlandów w Warszawie, Poland

Dutch Naturalisation Exam

Anyone wishing to acquire Dutch nationality must be integrated, i.e. possess a certain command of Dutch and some knowledge of Dutch society. However, if you are applying for Dutch nationality in another country (for instance because you are married to and cohabit with a Dutch national living abroad) you will not have followed the civic integration procedure which is mandatory in the Netherlands.

This means that before you can apply for Dutch nationality, you must pass a civic integration examination for naturalisation, unless you are applying to acquire Dutch nationality by option.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. You are exempted from taking the examination or parts of it if:

  • you have obtained a secondary school leaving certificate in the Netherlands or possess other diplomas or certificates indicating that you possess the requisite language skills;
  • you have a physical or mental disability that prevents you from taking the examination;
  • you are illiterate, can demonstrate that you will not be able to take the examination within five years and have undergone tests to establish your illiteracy set by the regional training centre (ROC) in Amsterdam.

The current cost of sitting the examination abroad is €350.